View Full Version : Just a few Questions on Hardware.

11-13-01, 02:58 AM
I just like to ask a few questions abou some hardware that I was thinking of buying.

A. Is the Ge-Force 3 Ti-500 worth buying if I have the money?
B. What is the best DDR motherboard out at the minute?
C. What is a good burner to buy excluding Plextor, cause the price is too much, that runs fast and has burnproof with it?
D. What is the best DDR RAM?

any replies would be appreciated.

11-13-01, 03:04 AM
A. Yes, enough though I have a radeon and love ati; the gf3 ti500 is amazing.

B. I think the abit kg7 is, but I am slighty uninformed.

C. Unsure. I know the plextor IDE burners are not very good. I have an HP burner 8432 which I'm happy with. However, a friend of mine spent 200 on a 16x and thinks it's horrible. He also has a yahama and plextor scsi burners, so he has a good educated opinion.

D. no idea.

11-13-01, 03:18 AM
B. there's a new MSI one out k7 pro266ru2 or something it's supposed to be pretty good..
the KR7 will also kick some ass when it comes out..
D. Crucial's ram is VERY good..but there is prolly some better ram out there...

11-13-01, 07:47 AM
I know that some of the faster 16X Plextors tend to crap out very easily, but other then that, Plextor is very good brand. Why? Because they are very good at reading and writting cds w/ bad sectors. This is only useful to certain people.

11-13-01, 08:08 AM
A) Yes, here's a nice review of the ASUS cards...


B) For DDR chipsets, the "just released" nForce based boards are the new benchmarks kings...ASUS a7n266 and MSI k7n420 pro


C) Always heard great things about the Plextor burners....seem to be the best at "never producing coasters". Also Ricoh is a good make.

D) Crucial...just picked up 1.0 gig of ECC registered DDR for my new Palomino rig I'm building.