View Full Version : New Viewsonic Monitor Questions

11-12-01, 06:01 PM
I just got a Viewsonic GS790.

One of the options is the input level. It is set at the stock 0.7v and gives you the option of setting it at 1.0v. I've tried setting it at 1.0v but the screen dims (not like somethings wrong).

Anyone have any experience with this setting?

11-12-01, 07:47 PM
This is the VGA input signal , the 0,7 is the normal , just because it is supported by the 99% of the VGA manufactors .

The 1.0volt signal is supported by not known to me hardware .

But its normal ,what hapens , becauce if you set it to 1.0 volt , the monitor waits to find 1.0 volt video input signal , it does not find it and its DIMS .

Do not worry , its a logical thing to happen .

11-12-01, 10:06 PM
i got a viewsonic A70.....how can i reset it???....cant find it in the menu

11-13-01, 12:10 AM
Mine has a feature named "data recall". Its explained in the PDF manual