View Full Version : xp1600 multiplier need help still

11-12-01, 10:54 AM
ok this xp1600 did not set its self up, so i need to know the ghz of this chip, and the fsb would it still be 133.


thats how it set its self up.

11-12-01, 11:12 AM
AMD Athlon XP processor 1900+ operates at a frequency of 1.60GHz.
AMD Athlon XP processor 1800+ operates at a frequency of 1.533GHz.
AMD Athlon XP processor 1700+ operates at a frequency of 1.47GHz.
AMD Athlon XP processor 1600+ operates at a frequency of 1.40GHz.
AMD Athlon XP processor 1500+ operates at a frequency of 1.33GHz.

hmm im having some problems with setting this fuker up.

11-12-01, 12:50 PM
ok all fixed, abit boards & bios flashing = the best, so easy to do.

if you have a 1.4 athlon, then dont rush out and buy a xp1600 theres not much between them, i only bought it because the price was good & the 1.4 ghz chip i had in this pc, will go into my other pc which is 1000ghz and the kids can now have a athlon 1000ghz which is good enough for them.

xp1900 is the next move for me, but there over double the price here, i was tempted but as we all know, few months and there price will drop alot.