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11-12-01, 06:58 AM
Well, no longer is abit int he top spot int he amd world. Now there's multiple competitors and multiple boards, and last time i checked, no one could make up their minds about what currently is the "best" one out there. So has anything been finalized? What boards are you all waiting for if none currently tickle your fancy?

11-12-01, 07:35 AM
Boards based on nVidia's new nFORCE chipset are getting a lot of atttention...and the first version is currently beating the current champ, the Via 266a, in just about all benchmarks, as seen in many many reviews such as the one below:


While yes another chipset is always on the horizon every 6 months or so...I've been staying away from the AMD camp because of my strong dislike for any Via chipsets. Since the latest T-Birds and especially the new Palomino XP...it's good that nVidia (whome I loved in the graphics department for many years) came out with this chipset, as I'm finally going to give AMD a try this week, getting the Palomino XP 1900+, already have the 1.0 gig of DDR ram, and MSI seems to have the first nForce board out on the market:


11-12-01, 06:23 PM
My last ABIT board was the ABIT KT7A-RAID. After that, there were motherboards that offered equal or better performance with more features for less.

11-12-01, 06:47 PM
Abit is great quality, and what do u mean there out? teh KR7A board is gonna rock, yes less features, but it will be the most stable i beat, and usually has some of the best ram options as well.

11-12-01, 07:37 PM
By my personal opinion the motherboards market today its like a ***** PIT .

Averige INTEL solutions, problematic VIA solutions ( BIOS support at minimum , so many models pop up , the companys they have loose the control )..

Drivers is another painfull story , and all this was not enough , WE HAVE TO DEAL AND WITH THE XP too ....................

I am computers tech , but this goes to be too much ...

What i will say to my people , spesial the ones that they look for upgrades !!!

If they look for a new system i can promote one P4 solution as the most ,problem free one .

But all the others ??

I just had a look to other forums , and what i read is unbelievebul .
AGP slot burns down.
SB live was making cranking sounds, replaced with a cheapo with Yamaha chip , solved the problem .
Booting problems millions .
CPU problems millions too , core voltages and specs ,makes many people to ask for help.
Memmory problems , lets let this out , its better that way .
Hard disk problems , all this boogy on board controlers ,that they have lots of crazy problems , like , likes and dislikes of brand and type of hard drives .
PSU problems , another story here , AMD certified PSUs , another joke .
AMD will sit down and test all the no name PSUs to certifie them .
P4 PSUs , at list here its more clean the all story , if you have all the litle plugs that you need , its a P4 PSU for sure :)
USB controlers , all the VIA ones to work they need, to have magic powers , and not the all in one drivers .

Ok i am closing with one funny word ,that just pop up in my mind , 3DNOW is 3DNEVER ... hehehe

After the death of the BX boards , we have left to play with broken toys , that is what i wan to say .
At the bottom line what the good of having 2000 MHz CPU , and not one really good board, to run it ..