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11-10-01, 02:07 PM
This problem has been bugging me for the past few days. I have 2 seperate systems. The one in my Sig and another one I am working on right now. Neither of these systems have any of the same components. Even different disc installs of Win98se.

For no reason at all i.e. nothing new has been installed or bios changes etc. Once I boot to my desktop, I can click on an Icon and the next window opens just fine. But if I click on anything within that window the tittke bar changes from blue to light grey signifying that it is now the "inactive" title bar and the mouse stops responding. But if I use my keyboard I can navigate and open anything I want with the usual Alt + whatever. I have changed mouse driver etc etc... And although the mouse lets me open just one window, it will not work on the start button or taskbar either.

Anyone seen this happen ???

11-10-01, 02:28 PM
Originally posted by Easto
I have changed mouse driver etc etc...
Anyone seen this happen ???

Sorry but does this mean you also tryed a different mouse?
If not, try a different mouse, both PS2 and USB (if you have USB).
I'll see what I can find for you in the mean time.

11-10-01, 02:31 PM
Yeah, I know. I did not change the mouse. MS intellepoint. I've used the stock win drivers and the intellepoint 3.0 etc.

11-10-01, 02:37 PM
Try a different mouse man....