View Full Version : If i install new processor and motherboard...

11-09-01, 10:25 PM
would it be best to reformat the harddrive and start everything clean or will my windows still run fine installing these 2 new pieces of hardware

11-09-01, 10:31 PM
best to reformat, if u dont then u will need to remove all teh old drivers windows is using for teh mobo components and stuff

11-10-01, 03:48 AM
Of course, as is always the case, yard is correct. However, there is another solution! Reformatting is the best way to go, but if that is either not an option, or you are limited by a slow internet connection for example; then try this. Right before you turn the computer off for the last time, go into the device manager. Simply remove ALL the devices there and shut down your computer. Put the new mobo and cpu in, then turn it on. Windows will reinstall all the drivers, allowing for the new chipset. It'll work perfectly!