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11-09-01, 11:45 AM
I wonna watch my movies on the tv, I have vodoo3 3000 that has a tv out. I wonna know what cables do I need and what goes where in the connection between pc and tv. I would also like to know how will the movies look on tv compare to the computer monitor.

I appriciate any suggestions.


11-10-01, 01:24 PM
yea man....i have a GeForce2 Mx/400 card with Tv/out ....and all i have to say that its alot!! better on the Tv...b/c if u have a big Tv screen then the picture is alot bigger and clearer on the Tv screen...btw...my video card came with the cables for the tv/out...its very easy....

11-10-01, 04:03 PM
you'll be needing a composite out cable for the video card and a mic plug to dual phono plugs cable (It's a Y-shaped cable). The first single composite (A.K.A a sinlge phono plug cable) should have come with the card. If not, both can be purchased at radio shack.

11-10-01, 04:06 PM
yepp teh voodoo 3 3500 has the coax cable for tv on teh comp but i didnt know it could go teh other way too.

11-10-01, 05:31 PM
I am confused on what type of cables I need and where they go, could someone post a picture or something.


12-09-01, 05:52 PM
I need help too I have a Elsa Geforce 2 Ultra with TV-Out and when I try to tune it into TV I get a really weak signal i can only just see icons through static. I have a small cable that came with card that goes into s-video socket and connects to an Arial cable (I used N64 one). Someome said I need a scart cable are they correct. Is it a cable with 1 red and 1 yellow wire that I need?