View Full Version : If you have Dual PSUs , here is one smart tryk for you .

11-08-01, 05:47 PM
By having dual PSUs ( power suplys) in your system ,automaticly the level of noice from the fans gets double .

I have to propose one solution , that is only for expert users in electronic repairs.

As the power suplys is now 2 , the load of them is the half , so by using voltage stabilizators , like the part LM 0812 , you can lower down the voltage of the fans , and theyr RPM too .

The Gain is lower noice in your box .

Just becauce i do not overclock any more , becauce of my new and powerfull CPU .
I had to take off , some of the extra fans , that was adding only noice , as the tempratures in my box is not that high , to need them .

And i did my system as more quaiet is possible , but the power suplys fans , was the ones that now was making the most of the noice ..
So i come up with this litle tryk , and now my system does not sound as helicopter any more .

Its not totaly silent either, but its better than before .
How can it be totaly silent , if i am using in total :
5 fans 80x80 mm at 8 volts
3 fans 60x60 mm with dual voltage 8 -12 volts
2 fans 40x40 mm at 8 volts
1 fan 20x20 mm 12 volts ( that one is over my CDRW ) :)

I do not advice any one , to do this job with out to have some skills in electronics .......Most because to do the tryk you need to open your power suply .
Also , i give a big WARNING message to all that will try that solution, because by opening up ,your power suply , you are loosing the WARANTY of your system if its new .

11-08-01, 08:56 PM
Heh, it's a great tip, most of us usually replace the fans with quieter ones that run at lower RPMs, which is basically the same thing as modding it so it only runs at 8v maybe even 5v. I have all my fans running at 8v and is pretty much silent like you claim yours to be ;) nice....

11-09-01, 04:46 AM
If you have a full tower , and you add inside ,sound insulating material , you will notice a really biger diference .

I am really proud ,about my box , i have work any aspect of it in the highest detail .

If some one ask if it worth , to spent all that time working on your box ,trying so hard , for a gain that is not visual !!!

The awnser is no ..

But for me , that i have my computer On , like 18 hours per day , yes it is worth , less noice , better working conticions .

By the way MagicMikey, are you really a girl ? :)

11-09-01, 08:31 AM
I have a question!! Does a power supply really need a fan? I have considered adding the power supply that came with my tower in, along with my 400 watt unit. Now, I'll have 10 fans already... so does the power supply produce enough heat to warrant a fan? Although, I dont think it's going to be an issue of noise. Just curious.

11-09-01, 11:23 AM
Yes ,this power suplys ,they need fans .

The reason is very simple , as they do not use the classic transformers to reduse the voltage , they have electronic components to do the work .

This is a nice tryk , because the factorys they spent less money to build a power suply , but the actual loss in wastet electrical power is payed from our pockets .

I will explane more , the tranformation of the electrical power its inposible to be with out loss in energy .
For instance , if we have a power suply with named power 200Watts , wen we use all this 200 Watts of power ,the power suply uses 250 watts of energy to work .
The 50 watts is the wasted power that we pay ,with out to use it.
This 50 watts , is the ones that they are transformed in heat .
This is the heat that we have to remove with the fans .

Now if we had old fashion power suplys with transformers , this loss will be less , and due the size of the tranformer , we will not need fans to cool it down , because the metal transformers is self cooled .

In my theory with the PSUs , if we have 2 of those ,with named power 250Watts , in total 500 watts , if we use only the 300 at max , the heat that is produced is less in its and every one .
So ,the lower air flow of the fans ,it will not harm the electronic parts .
As ,they not, need it .

11-09-01, 01:51 PM
just use a baybus to control the rpms... :)


11-09-01, 03:25 PM
Originally posted by Amro
just use a baybus to control the rpms... :)


You would have more control over voltages/RPMs with a Rheostat bus but a bay buses do the job just as well! ;) Heh, I don't even use molex connectors anymore because I usually change the voltage of my fan bus every day ;) and yes, I work with live wires! I'm such a risky little girl...... ;)

11-09-01, 04:29 PM
hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I work with live wires! I'm such a risky little girl......