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11-07-01, 07:42 PM
I have an A7A266. It has 512k SDR ram on it now. I picked up 512k of DDR ram. Do I leave the SDR ram installed and install the DDR ram in the two slots or take out the SDR ram. The manual isnt very clear on this and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance....Jake

11-07-01, 07:44 PM
You can't run SDR and DDR @ the same time. Your mobo doesn't have good DDR performance, i would return the DDR ram if I were you cuz you won't see much of a difference. A GOOD DDR chipset is the KT266A or nForce

11-07-01, 07:53 PM
There is a dip switch on the MB and the manual does say to use swithc 5 to select either SDR or DDR. That is what I was wondering.....put both types of RAM on the MB and use the dip switch to select them???

11-07-01, 11:27 PM
why don't you just take the SDR out ?

11-08-01, 12:03 AM
If I leave just the DDR ram in, the thing wont even boot, hardly, sometimes it WILL boot but hangs up somewhere during the loading of windows. If I use just SDR ram, no problems at all, I have two sticks of DDR ram and it does the same on both. Stumped here....

11-09-01, 12:31 AM
I have the same board. I 've tried it with both styles of ram. I honestly didnt see a difference. Returned the DDR. Saved a few bucks!

11-09-01, 12:47 AM
That's what I did. I now have 3 sticks of 256KSDR on the board now......works fine...thanks for all of the help everyone!!