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11-06-01, 11:41 PM
He did end up buying that Amptron Mobo, it seems pretty quick, looks like a pretty good value, also seems stable
very cheap..
anyhow, here are the benches


gimme some time to fix the rest..
GD webspace is playing games AGAIN..

11-07-01, 12:04 AM
motherf** god d*** bastards imma call their a$$es tommorow, if
ALU 3884
FPU 1900

ALU RAM 634mb/s
FPU RAM 762mb/s

not bad for a $79 mobo
Amptron K7-830LM

I still wouldn't buy one though.. :p

btw this has a 1.4ghz Athlon w/256mb DDR PC2100 mem (not sure brandname)

11-07-01, 12:12 AM
Whatever works, I say.

Even amptron may not be the best....it's loads better than store-bought.

11-07-01, 12:16 AM
Originally posted by drdoug99
Whatever works, I say.

Even amptron may not be the best....it's loads better than store-bought.
whatcha mean?

11-07-01, 12:43 AM
Ya got some nice specs. I deal with Amptron on a daily basis and I personally wouldn't buy from them. But I have to admit thos specs aren't that bad at all.

Keep us (me) posted as to how long it lasts.

11-07-01, 12:45 AM
I mean, that Amptron motherboards, are not as regarded as highly as Abit, ASUS, Gigabyte, etc, etc, etc. But your still getting a good performance and value out of it.

By store bought, I meant like a pre=made store bought computer, like HP, Dell....I shouda specified that, I see why u r confused now, lol.

and the Amptron mobo + 1.4 AMD processor, is better than teh the store bought computers.

ANd by whatever works, I meant that since your friend or whoever your talking about, didn't go with the high profile brand, Amptron is regarded as cheaper, right? well, whatever works for him, you know? It's a compliment......I guess I was pretty vague in my post, lol, sorry about that.:)

11-07-01, 12:55 AM
actually the one who bought that amptron board was my boss, lol

we will build comps on those...

he never really liked AMD so he told me to "do the research" on
teh mobos and stuff

I came up with Abit KG7 which apparently was more than he thought he should pay for a board...
so he came up with his own Amptron
we benched them and that board cam close to MY KG7 in all benches..
forgot to mention the whole reason behind this thread was;
I had asked about Amptron mobos a while back..
Easto should remember..

11-07-01, 12:57 PM
that comp looks good but the mem scores are low ur alu should be more like 750ish and ur fpu about 830 and up. is it an alimagik chipset?

11-07-01, 01:33 PM
Sis 735 Chipset

11-07-01, 02:53 PM
Originally posted by BaLa
Sis 735 Chipset

low ram scores there dude

11-07-01, 04:34 PM
dunno what kind of ram he got in there, will have to ask him...

I know it's not Crucial