View Full Version : Sound + Gaming problem.

11-06-01, 12:29 PM
Hi, once again... I have a hardware problem.
My sound card doesn't give me problems when I'm listening to music and stuff like that.. But when I'm playing a game.. any game, such as Quake III - Bid For Power, the sound pauses and echoes and sounds scratchy and the game is really slow and stuff. I know my video card sucks, but come on.. is it going to effect the sound as well?

Video Card:
Total Memory:
24MB (24MB Video)(32MB AGP)


Sound Card
C-Media PCI
Maximum Standard Sampling Bits

Both are onboard.. do they suck that much or can I do something to enjoy gaming (without buying something..)

I'm on Windows XP, Pentium 3 @ 866MHz, 640MB RAM (32MB shared)

11-06-01, 01:52 PM
i was having the same problems till creative relised new drivers for XP...i have a sound blaster...the ecoing was getting soo annoying...........check for a new update...werked for me.

11-06-01, 02:12 PM
My updated sound card drivers sux0r... I had to drop down to Win2k drivers because the ones for XP made everything worse. There were some wavs I couldn't even hear.

11-06-01, 06:00 PM
Have you tried turning up the processor power devoted to sound? I believe it's in control panel for sound, hardware acc. If I remember correctly, with my old computer that had onboard sound it was turned all the way down by default.

Let me know if that works, if not; perhaps I can think of something else.