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11-05-01, 11:31 PM
A friend of mine has an
Compaq Presario 1200 XL 110 Laptop
w/ a K6-2 475mhz and 192mb RAM

he was thinking about upgrading the proccessor to something faster...
is this even possible, if so were the K6-2 for laptops the same chips as the ones for Desktops?...

I know AMD and Intel both now make Mobile Athlon and Mobile P3's respectively.
How was it with the late K6-2s?

11-06-01, 07:45 AM
The motherboards on laptops are very limited and specific to processors....as in a motherboard is built for say 3 processor speeds or so...at least on the Armada's they are, Armada being a very nice corporate series of laptops from Compaq. The Presarios though...really not much you can do with them. Very limited, if pretty much nothing, as to resources on the hardware. In other words, if you're lucky, the motherboard on that model Presario may have been made for, say, a K6 450, 475 and 500. But to get a serious speed increase.....their motherboards usually aren't built to be upgradable like that and accept a wide range of CPUs.

11-06-01, 08:55 AM
Laptops hold their value more than most hardware. It would be better to sell it on E-bay (a sucker born every minute, but if their happy, who gives a *&^%(*) then buy another.

11-06-01, 02:02 PM
I e-mailed compaq
they say it can be upgraded to a K6-2 500
(WOHOO 25mhz)
were the earlier K6 and K6-2 chips different ones for laptops then the desktop chips?
I know the newer P3s and Athlons have Mobile chips...