View Full Version : gigabyte GA-7VTXE or ABIT KG7 lite

11-05-01, 05:53 AM
ok all.........let the bickering begin :-)

building a new rig here.

using an AMDxp1800

struggling to decice which mobo to get.......gigabyte GA-7VTXE or ABIT KG7 lite

i already have a raid controller card so i dont want it on the mobo.

my biggest concern is the stability of the 266a chipset on the Gigabyte......read somewhere that there are or used to be some stability issueswith it.

i just wanna know if there are many folks out there that have had experience with the Gigabyte mobo.

i wanna get the gigabyte but if i hear in here that its not stable.......then ill give another ABIT a home im my tower.

thanks all


11-05-01, 09:51 AM
im setting up a abit kg7 now, and will bench it and post a thred later.

11-05-01, 01:36 PM
I have a KG7 non raid w/1.4ghz Athlon
512mb Crucial Reg ECC DDR
@ home

11-05-01, 01:49 PM
ive just set the mb up and its looking good, beaten my best 3dmark 2001 score alrdy, and will post some test later, got to go out, fireworks night here tonight, taking the kids to a show.

11-05-01, 05:34 PM
gigabyte board is faster both are good board and good companies

get teh giga byte