View Full Version : GF3 Ti500 Sux!

11-05-01, 01:32 AM
Cuz check out this card: http://www.guru3d.com/cgi-bin/newspro/viewnews.cgi?newsid1004819543,89515,

11-05-01, 08:25 AM
Hmm interesting, I was all set to get the TI 500 when I see this.

What I am curious all that sounds is the difference between the TI 500 and TI 600 is faster memory, why wont the other manufacturers use the faster memory as well? If they stay competitive I imagine they will as well.

Well I just went to their site, and they only have it in Spanish, and half their links dont work, so I wonder how reputable this company really is? If they plan to sell in US, I hope they have a US site for support?

11-05-01, 01:33 PM
Itz not easy to get hold of such high speed DDR chips

11-05-01, 10:35 PM
Does a Radeon 8500 pop into mind? ;)