View Full Version : dremel and attachments?

11-04-01, 06:20 PM
ok so i want to buy a dremel cuz my dad has funked the crap outta teh one we got, does like home depot sell them and what is the attachment or attaments u guys here use with it for case modding, does it come with the unit?

11-04-01, 06:51 PM
Go to Sears and get their big box set up. It's made by Dremel and comes with most everything you need. I'm not sure if it's hardware time, but if you join the Sears Hardware club, you get 10 percent off during hardware days.

Even if you don't, it's still cheaper than buying the Dremel setup.

11-04-01, 07:02 PM
I get all lightheaded in the Sears hardware dept. My eyes glaze over and I must hand the salesman my credit card, cuz I don't often remember buying all the neat stuff I drag home. I love my variable speed dremel.

11-04-01, 07:07 PM
yeah, i agree. if you buy a kit with a nice range of bits, you should be set.

but if you dont, and just get a basic set, you may want to buy some Fiberglass reinforced cutoff wheels (for rough-cutting the holes. and for god's sake wear eye protection!!! those things can and do fly apart), an arbor for the cutoff wheels, and a sanding drum bit with some extra sandpaper drums (for the inishing work).

this should be all you'll need for case modding (in terms of Dremel stuff).

11-04-01, 08:59 PM
you should try and find a Diamand cut off wheel, for cutting cases. the dremel standard cut off wheels wear out to fast, might seem a good deal getting 10 standard for the price of 2 Diamand cut off wheels, but its a pain watching them wheels wear away some holes ive used 2 standard wheels to do a job.

11-04-01, 09:50 PM
Is dremel like the do-it-all tool? cuz I mean, it seems like it's the ONLY thing that's used for computer mods, and anything else....

speaker boxes, other forums people says, "get the dremel with the circle cutting jig"

DREMEL DREMEL DREMEL is all I hear!! so i guess it's good huh....what's the price on the kit usually...christmas is right around the corner....so if you guys could send me one, that'd be great.:D

11-04-01, 10:45 PM
you can even buy it @ WalMart..

11-05-01, 04:06 AM
sears has a 10% off everything sale going on right about now. All u need is to charge it on your sears card to get the discount.

11-05-01, 06:15 PM
cool, thanks guys! i need me a dremel!!! lol