View Full Version : Would Win2K Drivers Work for Some Hardware in XP?

11-04-01, 11:56 AM
I got an Intel fax modem, a PS/2 scroll mouse, and a keyboard that doesn't have XP drivers yet but it has NT5.0/2K drivers. Would they work?

11-04-01, 11:59 AM
it might work, try it out...
but don't come back and start flaming if it blows up your comp ;)

11-04-01, 04:12 PM
The modem ,will posibly find support .

The mouse i do not thing that it will work , about wheel i am talking .

About your keyboard , if it is like multimedia one , it will not work also as multimedia , with out spesial software from the manufactor .

11-04-01, 04:16 PM
If you're talking about a logitech mouse and keyboard, look again on thier site. They now have the winXP drivers and win2k drivers WILL NOT work with winXP.

11-04-01, 04:21 PM
some 2k drivers work and some dont, gotta try 'em out and see

11-04-01, 05:54 PM
I found drivers on all the items except my mouse. It's a corded Innov@t PS/2 scroll-mouse

11-04-01, 05:57 PM
XP has drivers for most things already built in. It will even have the video drivers but i always seem to have problems with that part when it comes to gaming

11-04-01, 09:30 PM
Fuk XP, its just Win2K with more make-up, looks like a pure 10 yr old newbie OS

11-04-01, 09:47 PM
I felt like you when I first installed XP........but I love it now.

You can turn off all the fluffy crap.....

It does have alot of nice features..... and has been more stable than 2K for me.

11-04-01, 11:35 PM
What crappy features? Like the crappy features on ME?