View Full Version : Voodoo3 2000 Win2K Drivers HELP!!

11-03-01, 04:09 PM
Whenever i'm in OpenGL or Glide mode, it goes to 60Hz refresh rate @ any resolution, and my monitor says its in "User mode" instead of 1024x768 or 800x600. I'm using Win2K Service Pack2, with the latest drivers (1.03).

Another prob is that I can't run the 3Dfx overclock utility, it says that 3Dfx tools isn't installed even tho it IS, and the VD3 overclocker by Gary Peterson won't allow me to adjust the refresh rates for each resolution (the button is greyed out)

WTF is going on here?? It seems like I don't have all the drivers installed, but i've reinstalled the drivers COUNTLESS times, and even reinstalled Win2K, ARGH!! PLZ HELP!!!!!!! :(