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el bob
11-03-01, 10:51 AM
Check out this article on AnandTech


Its based on the best of the AMD 760 chipset. KG7-R won but this message of the article was that the AMD 760 chipset has officially resigned from the spotlight. I know this happend over a moth ago but no one published an article like this until now.

Seems like just yesterday people were holding off for weeks on end to get a KG7 and now its becoming a board of the past. Sheesh.

11-03-01, 10:59 AM
ya the problem is that amd didnt revise it liek via did with theirs but amd is probably busy on the cpu end.

el bob
11-03-01, 11:02 AM
amd never planned on revising it. The 760 chipset was made so that DDR SDRAM based mobo's would start to be mass produced. They had always intended for third party chipset manufacturers to take over the job and then they would back out asap. However, their chipset was better than the original third party manufacturers and their chipset was still in demand for a time much greather than they had originally anticipated.

11-03-01, 11:14 AM
Seems like just yesterday people were holding off for weeks on end to get a KG7 and now its becoming a board of the past. Sheesh.

lol no its a great mb, all these mb come out so fast and another one is born, they really are playing a money game with us.

ive been looking at this MSI KT266 Pro 2 and from what im finding the ABIT KG7 RAID, is alot better then it. im getting the KG7 in the week, and then ill stop for a while, im not gonna buy a new mb until i see something thats is a big jump up from my KG7.

el bob
11-03-01, 11:19 AM
Good point KANO. You are right that the new motherboards that are coming out after the KG7 aren't making a "big jump" and that there are some money games being played here. However, IMO, there is a significant improvement between the KG7 and the MSI KT266 Pro 2 sporting the via kt266a chipset.

11-03-01, 11:22 AM
everywhere im looking the MSI KT266 Pro 2 seems to be reviewed as unstable, there all saying it.

el bob
11-03-01, 11:24 AM
hmm, I havn't heard much about the stability of the board. Most of the reviews I've seen on it deal with straight out power/performance.

Could you post some links to reviews that give stability analysis? I'd be interested in reading them. Thanks.

11-03-01, 11:25 AM
post links i knew you would ask me that lol, ok ill see if i can find them again.

el bob
11-03-01, 11:26 AM
lol. Evidence my friend!

11-03-01, 11:39 AM
MSI was one of the first to release a KT266 based motherboard, and they were also one of the first to regret doing so. This time around the KT266A based K7T266 Pro2-RU is a much better product than the original KT266 solution MSI released months ago. The red PCB makes it stand out amongst the competition but the basic feature set doesn't have as great of a contrast. The board only features 5 PCI slots vs. EPoX's 6, but you'll be hard pressed to fill all of them much less one more. Unlike the 8KHA+ this board does feature an ACR slot which will most likely go unused by most.

The three DIMM slots are pretty much standard and the board worked fine with all banks populated with 256MB DDR266 DIMMs.

The most unique feature of the K7T266 Pro2-RU is the on-board USB 2.0 controller that is made by NEC. The K7T266 Pro2-RU has enough on-board headers for a total of 8 USB ports, all of which can be taken advantage of since MSI bundles the appropriate external ports with the motherboard. Of those 8 USB ports, 4 of them are driven by the NEC USB 2.0 controller and can thus be used as regular USB 1.0 ports or they can be used with newer USB 2.0 peripherals thus enabling much higher transfer rates. USB 2.0 peripherals are still scarce so it's up to you as to whether or not this is a true selling point. USB 2.0 support will eventually be integrated into South Bridges so this is more of an intermediate solution. The board also features a Promise IDE RAID controller.

Although the K7T266 Pro2-RU had no problems with the GeForce3 Ti 500, we ended up having more *usability complaints* about this board than the EPoX. The complaints all stemmed from MSI's decision to use an AMI BIOS setup with the board. The setup has no pop up menus for quickly selecting from a large list of options. For example, when picking a clock multiplier or FSB frequency you have to scroll through all of the values before getting to the one you want. In contrast, the newer Award BIOSes you can hit the enter key to bring up a popup displaying all of the possible options, sometimes allowing you to input a value manually. The BIOS also lacks the option of disabling Halt on Keyboard errors which was a problem for us since the BIOS kept on reporting a "Keyboard Connected Incorrectly" error most likely because of our KVM switch box. An interesting point to note is that there was a multiprocessor version option in the BIOS which indicates that MSI hasn't really custom tailored this BIOS for the K7T266 Pro2-RU.

The board is a bit more expensive than the EPoX 8KHA+; you can expect to find it for around $120 - $130.


thats the last read up i read, and its from the link you posted above, im looking for another one i had which really knocked this mb.

el bob
11-03-01, 11:43 AM
damn, after all that i have to go now and get a flu shot

what a crappy morning

11-03-01, 11:48 AM
dose the flu jab really work, my dad had it and got flu withing a few days of it lol. still hes ok now and it went away withing 3 days.

11-03-01, 12:02 PM
i cant find the link, but when i read it about 5 hours ago i sent brent a pm, telling him what i just read and that the review was saying this board is unstable and has problems with the xp athlons. asking if he can confirm this is not true.

this is the msg i sent.

hi and please reply.
you replyed to a post asking what is a good mb for a amd xp, the post was from digitalwil.

your reply was:

MSI KT266 Pro 2

it uses the via kt266a chipset and has usb 2.0 and ide ata/100 raid etc.....

but im reading reviews saying this mb cant handle the athlon xp,s?

brent do you have solid info showing this mb has fixed the xp problem? also it was a beta mb, that the review said it cant handle the athlon xp,s.