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11-02-01, 02:15 PM
How can i disable onboard video on a gateway pc ?? It had to be formatted and the cd has been lost. I've called gateway because I couldn't find the drivers on their site, the couldn't help me.
I bought an ATI card and I just need to be sure I don't have any conflicts.

help please, thank you.


11-02-01, 02:45 PM
Often BIOS will automatically disable onboard video if it detects another video card plugged into AGP or PCI.

If not, if you enter your BIOS, look for onboard devices, or PCI devices, just pour through the various menu's until you see the video...and can scroll through a selection which has various IRQ's to set it to...eventually the last choice is disable.

11-02-01, 04:27 PM
on my HP pavillion i had to remove the onboard video in device manager, then go into bios and change from pci to agp video, then install new card.

hope this helps