View Full Version : PIII vs P4

11-01-01, 11:25 PM
Can anyone explain why PIII's are more expensive than the P4's

11-01-01, 11:32 PM

a.) they're not being produced anymore
b.) not alot of them are being produced.

plus intel wants you to get a P4
then it still depends on whether you need a slot1 P3 or an PPGA 370.
the Slot1's are more expensive generally..

sux for upgrading though...
that's why I sold a P3 Workstation a while back...

11-03-01, 11:10 AM
I do not know why the price is that high , what i know is that one PIII 1000 skors the same with one P4-1400 ,in the CPU marks .

I gues that just ,one New name is not everything , wen we speak about reall performance .

el bob
11-03-01, 11:28 AM
Intel is just trying to push the sale of P4's.

11-03-01, 11:58 AM
because the intel wants to sell its new cpu and its compitition is the amd athlons wich OWN it.. :) Now because of that they have to make the price lower.