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11-01-01, 08:28 PM
Ok I have been messing wiht this for hours... No luck.
I picked up a 30 gig ata100 7200rpm HD. to add to my existing asus A7V amd 900 with a current maxtor 20gig ATA100 harddrive.

Here is what I have been tryign with no luck.
I just installed the new harddrive daisy chained with the current 20gig maxtor ata100. Both drive are plugged into the ata100 on the MB.

Well windows does not see this drive. So I have been tryign to use Maxtor's MAX BLAST to format and partician the drive. Max blast will not see teh drive in the ATA plug on the MB. I even downloaded teh latest MAX-BLAST. no luck as well.

So I then stuck the drive into the IDE port on the mother board.
Not shure whats up here MAx blast errors on start up . Well it has been. After the examining system screen it displays its features but then locks up. The floppy led stays lit and nothing.

Max diag does load up and the drive passed all tests.

Here is what I am trying todo. I want the 30 gig particianed to 3 drives basically 10 gig each. Then keep my 20 gig as is.
My 20gig has win98se currently on it.
I wanted to load win XP on the new drive.

Another functions I tried was booting to the secodary IDE(the 20 gig ) and the computer boot to win98se but still does not see the new hard drive. I though I could format this way. No luck.
The 30gig shows up in the bios every time.

Any ideas

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11-01-01, 09:03 PM
ok Small update.

I made my old 20 gig the master and the new 30 gig the slave in the ata100 port
Booted to win using my 20gig. and the 30gig did show as a single d : drive. but only as a 24 gig. One of the maxor programs did a low level format and installed ez-bios.

How can I do a full format and partician the drive??
The max blast programs keeps failing.
I know the drive will not be true read as 30gig in win but should be close to 29 or so. I also want to get it particianed.


11-02-01, 01:32 PM
Through dos you need to Fdisk and then format the drive. Just read up on the help files on how to do this. Someone else will probably have the full details.

Sorry if this seems like spam. I've been having trouble replying to posts lately and wanted to try one out.

11-02-01, 02:42 PM
Are you sure your BIOS are seeing the drives? Before even thinking about FDISK and Format, don't even try booting up until you've gone through your BIOS, set them all to autodetect, ran through the detection routine...and you see both drives in your POST.

Then you can go into software and do your things...although you already got drive overlays in there...yuck. Overlays haven't really been needed since pre-pentium II days when 8.4 gigs was a common BIOS limitation.

11-02-01, 04:17 PM
Posting back my results.
Well I am up and running.

What I had todo is make the new 30gig drive a slave. Then I went over to the maxtor site and read more FAQ's . I found my exact problem. They mention that thier format/partcian plus disk can lock up. So I followed their instructions and was able to format and partcian my hard drive. All good now.:)

I have a c:20gig,d:10gig,e:10 gig, f: 9.9 gig.
My 20 gig was done a while back. I will leave as is for now. Have win98se on it with only abotu 3 gig free space on it. So its loaded.
I have win xp on the d drive. Just got it up and running and so far everthing seems to be working. Its detected my ATI all in wonder readon,sound,nic,etc. Still fumbeling thru the new style but seems OK.

Just for info. I had 128 megs of 133 memory in another pc. Well I removed it from that pc and installed it into my main PC along with the other 256.
Well it left that older PC with a only 32 meg sim. LET ME SAY WOW what a difference in that old PC now running win98se. Everything you do is so SLOOOOOOW!!!! The hard drive has to buffer everything.
Mybud has some extra pc100 128meg sticks so I will have it back up running faster again.
Thanks for the replys

11-03-01, 11:39 PM
Check the master/slave jumper settings on the new drive? If using with other hard drive, you mus et the new drive as slave.