View Full Version : P4 Motherboards

11-01-01, 12:13 AM
Are there any motherboards out right now that use a socket 475 Pentium 4 with DDR ram? if not, what are some motherboards that will have these features in the future?

11-01-01, 12:22 AM
I think you mean socket 478, and there is a single decent board out right now, the Shuttle AV40 (http://www.shuttleonline.com/spec.php3?model=av40)

11-01-01, 12:34 AM
does the shuttle motherboard also have this type of motherboard only without sound onboard? i already have a good sound card and i don't need a built in sound card on the motherboard

11-01-01, 03:04 AM
if you already have a soundcard I wouldn't worry about built on sound, as you can easily disable it..