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10-31-01, 10:55 PM
i might buy a G3 tomorrow, ive given up on that epson 895, i said why in that thred.

i have a list of the ones i can afford, being a familyman with 4 kids and xmas around the corner, i cant go mad.

so heres my choices.

1 morpheus geforce 3 agp 64mb ddr tv out oem 270.24p

2 asus v8200 geforce 3 vga 64mb pure oem 281.99p *no 3d glasses*

3 creative 3d blaster geforce 3 agp 64mb 293.74p

4 elsa gladiac 920 geforce 3 tv out 64mb agp 299.61

5 3d power geforce 3 agp 64mb ddr 299.61

thats the list, i can get any of these 5 tomorrow.

now one more thing, i have a g2 herc gts 32mb ddr, will the jump to a g3 be a big jump, is it worth me buying a g3, and which on that list would you say i should buy.

im going to read your g3 review again.

10-31-01, 11:12 PM
the review card, Absolute Multimedia Morpheus is it the same card as the Morpheus g3 in my list, ie do they only make the one card.

i want a card mainly for gaming and 3d rendering.

11-01-01, 12:22 AM
any of those cards will do the same thing, heh

in my review the point i was getting across is ALL cards perform the same at stock speeds

the only differences lie in their overclocking ability, games/software that is included, and company behind the card and how they put it together.....

It's the 3D Power Absolute Multimedia Morpheus GeForce3

it's 1 card with different options depending if you buy one with TV out etc.....

all the cards will do the same thing for you in 3d games though

11-05-01, 07:54 PM

did ya see this kano?

11-05-01, 08:02 PM
yes i saw it i also bought the asus gf3 and the kg7 mb. incase you forgot the other thred as you was away.