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10-31-01, 08:09 PM
i'm having one little prob with my lynksys router.....i love it, its fast and secure...but everyonce in a while it looses the connection with my cable modem and then reconnects...this happens really fast though....the only prob that i have with this is that it takes longer for things to download...and i continually have to press the refresh button just for a web page to load cut my router periodically losses the connection to my modem....thanx

10-31-01, 08:57 PM
do you have the latest firmware on it?

10-31-01, 08:59 PM
whats the latest firmware version?....i have version 1.39, Jun 04 2001

10-31-01, 09:02 PM
the latest one is 1.40.1 dated 9/28/2001


select your router and get the latest firmware....

10-31-01, 09:13 PM
it still flickers every so often

10-31-01, 10:07 PM
what do you have the refresh rate set at? I know it supposed to reconnect on it's own sometimes, but if you are constantly getting disconnected are you sure this is the linksys fault? Or is it something with your company?

BTW in the Setup, when you first connect to the Linksys router, as the very bottom choice of Login, what do you have it set on?
Keep Alive or Connect on demand?

10-31-01, 10:10 PM
my refresh rate is set to optimal.....and it is set to "Connect on Demand: Max Idle Time 5 Min"

10-31-01, 10:23 PM
My advice would be to change it to the Keep alive and see if that solves your problem first.

10-31-01, 10:25 PM
k...i'll let ya know how its going

11-01-01, 06:24 AM
You'll find things work much more smoothly if you don't use the wimpy DHCP service on the home market routers. Either use DHCP from a real NT server if you're on an office network, or manually specify your IP settings on each workstation.

Assuming you have default settings, assign your IP outside the normal DHCP range on the router, so you can leave it turned on as a safety net. This means you have - free. The DHCP normally works with - The router itself takes for the LAN IP/Gateway.

So make your computer something like, with the subnet

Leave WINS DISabled

Gateway is

DNS...the host name is simply your computers identification name on the network, domain is your ISPs formal domain name, and enter your ISPs two DNS servers, which you can find out on the status page of the Linky when it's connected, by calling your ISP's support, hitting thier support website, or on any documentation they sent you signed up.

Combined the above with the keep alive feature, and I've found all the setups I've done work a lot better (I've done about 75 broadband router installs for various office LANs). Firmware version since 1.34 have been very reliable, earlier Linksys firmwares were a bit twitchy. You're at 1.39, which is fine, it's not the cause of your disconnects. But their firmware upgrade is incredibly easy if you wanna keep it up to date.

11-01-01, 02:40 PM

11-01-01, 04:05 PM
Is it fixed?

11-01-01, 04:10 PM
it seams to be ok now...but ever so often it flickers once or twice....could it be the cable that is connected to my modem?