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10-31-01, 12:23 PM
Dual P3 1GHz
(2) Alpha PAL6035
Abit VP6 mobo
1.5 gig RAM pc 133
(1) 20 gig wd 7200 ata66
(1) 60 gig maxtor 7200 ata100
(2) 60 gig IBM deskstar ata100 RAID 0
radeon 64 ddr VIVO
Dell 19in Flat Screen
sblive platinum 5.1
12x DVD Creative
10x4x32 Sony burner

10-31-01, 06:55 PM
I dunno dell monitors are nice reasonable prices between 1 grand and 1200 maybe.

10-31-01, 07:02 PM
I agree with yard.. i wouldnt give any more than 1200 for it though.

11-02-01, 08:21 AM
the retail of those parts is worth way more than that, stop being haters

11-02-01, 08:24 AM
the reason i say that is because someone wanted a similar system to what i have.

I bought all the parts individually. And he would want some of those to be newer.

So if i bought all the parts id spend like 1600 at least, then sell it to him for 1200, and he would prob want a gf3

11-14-01, 03:04 PM
i'd pay about 3k to 5k

11-14-01, 06:49 PM
reasons i said no more than 1200:

20 gig wd 7200 ata66 - only ata66
radeon 64 ddr VIVO - not a GREAT card nowadays
sblive platinum 5.1 -bettercards teh same price

flat screen as in flat crt or what? if its a LCD then i agree with johns price

11-22-01, 02:10 PM
p3 sucks...............and is this system used? if so 1200$

11-25-01, 04:32 PM
I'd say $2,000 dollars would be fair, at a mid range price. I'd say, no lower than $1,500. No more than $3,000.

YOu get 2 processors, 1.5GB of RAM, 4HDD's, 2 of which are in RAID, DVD, CDRW, decent vid card. nice monitor. now that i think about it, i'd go no lower than $2G's....but that's just me.

11-25-01, 07:07 PM
some of you only say that 1200 crap cause you dont like p3..... stop hating

it is worth well more than 1200 if you bought the parts and put it together yourself...... the mobo and 2 procs alone are half the price.... the monitor 400

11-27-01, 04:06 PM
(2) Proc and Mobo $582.00 tccomputers
Video $200.00 egghead
Sound $181.00 egghead
Display $450.00 dell.com
Case $50.00 cant find, Full Tower
Maxtor 60 gig $136.00 tccomputers
2 IBM 60 gig $288.00 tccomputers
WD 20 gig $90.00 tccomputers
RAM 1.5, 3 512 $195.00 crucial
DVD $50.00 cant find paid 100
cdrw plex 16/10/40 $148.00 plex.. Tccomputers
ms, key $20.00


12-12-01, 05:47 PM
pentium sux

12-12-01, 06:53 PM
yea ok whatever......

12-20-01, 01:21 PM
Originally posted by FRoSTY`
pentium sux

Actually for servers, you can't beat dual Pentium III's.

12-20-01, 10:59 PM
thank you master7

12-20-01, 11:30 PM
No problem, for a local LAN party I use my 400mhz Pentium II computer to host the games, but I wish I had some more horsepower (such as your computer). Alas, I have no money.

01-17-02, 08:07 AM
every 1 knows pens rock:D

01-26-02, 04:09 PM
i dont like p3 sry.......

but the system does sound good!i would say 1800

amd all the way..........

03-06-02, 10:14 PM