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10-31-01, 12:15 AM
What is the max temp that is considered acceptable for a CPU
My machine is always on and averages a temp of 51 C when running

AMD Athlon 1.1GHZ
256 MB RAM

10-31-01, 02:57 AM
dunno max, but geez that's pretty hot...
is that 51C under full load?

I have a 1.4ghz Athlon running @ 45C full load..

What kind of HSF you got?

10-31-01, 04:42 PM
What kind of motherboard do you have? And also the size of your computer case would nice. I use to run my T-Bird 1.2 at 61C. But after I bought a better HSF, a few case fans, and some thermal grease, my temp dropped about 12 degrees.

Alot of times it's the motherboard not reading the temperature right.

10-31-01, 04:45 PM
51C for just leaving it on is kinda hot.

do u have a small case?
how many case fans?
and what HSF do u have?

10-31-01, 07:01 PM
Heat sink is Thermaltake Mini Super Orb. Thing is loud as hell.

el bob
10-31-01, 09:35 PM
I've got an Enlight 7237 with an 80mm in the bottom, front bezel and and 80mm rear exhaust. This with my Volcano2 keeps me at 48 C under full load. The chip is an Athlon 1GHz 266FSB AYHJA-Y.

Before adding the rear 80mm exhaust fan I wasn't willing to leave it running under full load for extended periods of time. It got up to 56 - 57 C sometimes. Now with the second fan it is fine though.

The chip can survive up to around 70 C but I wouldn't recommend running the computer with temps above 60 C.

10-31-01, 09:59 PM
How do you check what temperature your running at?

10-31-01, 10:08 PM
depends, get Motherboard Monitor, that should tell you the temps....

10-31-01, 10:09 PM
in the bios or in Windows, depending on what chipset your motherboard is. I know I have bad airflow (my CPU fan outputs air directly against the intake for the PSU, so some air is recycled back into the hs/f air flow.) so I hit 50C sometimes under load, but normally it's around 45C. I'm planning on getting a new case where my PSU doesn't cover my cpu HS/F.

10-31-01, 11:37 PM
I got this huge fan cooling down my cpu. It said my CPU Temp is at 37 C and my computer has been on for a while now. What do you guys mean by full load?

11-01-01, 03:08 PM
Originally posted by LiLxKiMcHeE
What do you guys mean by full load?

Full load would mean running a lot of programs at once. Idle would mean running no programs as if you just booted your comp.

11-01-01, 03:40 PM
full load = 100% Proc Usage, sometimes btw 90-100%
but really full load = 100%%