View Full Version : GF3 Overclocking

10-30-01, 10:06 PM
Hmm, it seems like the Ti200 uses the same quality core as the other GF3's cuz this review: http://www.speedy3d.com/reviews/xtasyticards/02.shtml shows the core being overclocked to 245Mhz!! More than stock Ti500 speeds! Also, the Ti500's core could only reach 250Mhz, which REALLY sux ass.
Those only apply to visiontek cards tho, anyone have experience overclocking other brands?

BTW, the visiontek Ti200 came with active cooling, which is why I think it reached 245Mhz, and the one Brent reviewed didn't.

10-30-01, 10:27 PM
I got the VisionTek Ti 200 which i'm fixing to start my next review on, doing a review of VisionTek's Ti line, Ti 500, Ti 200 and GF2 Ti

i'll pay special attention to the overclocking ability of it and see what mine does.....