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10-30-01, 08:06 PM
what does ddr memory at 266 do better than pc 133

10-30-01, 08:32 PM
DDR is faster

it stands for double data rate

to make this simple i'll sum it up in non tech terms hopefully lol

Ok regular SDRAM (single data rate) only operates on the Rising signal of the RAM

DDR (double data rate) operates on both the rising and falling signal, allowing double the performance and bandwidth

DDR is measued in bandwidth PC2100 = 2.1GB/sec of bandwidth = 266Mhz

DDR PC2400 = 2.4GB/sec = 300Mhz

DDR PC2700 = 2.7GB/sec = 333Mhz

DDR333 = DDR PC2700 = 2.7GB/sec 333Mhz

it's on a 133FSB x 2 = 266Mhz Memory Bus

make any sense?

10-30-01, 08:35 PM
yeah i sorta got the facts of it but want to know the truth to it, the numbers show its faster,

but is it really noticeably faster? or are we talking unnoticeable nano seconds

if it is faster what does it do faster?

thank you brent or anyone else that responsds

10-30-01, 08:38 PM
theoretically it's faster

real world it's 10-20% better at MOST

HOWEVER it is getting a lot better now with better chipsets, it's the northbridge that is holding back it's potential, with the new KT266A it's starting to really show what it can do, at least in Sandra ;)

but it's like this, with DDR being the same price as SDRAM if your getting a new system or upgrading NO REASON to not go DDR, and it will only get better as things move forward, already we are seeing some DDR333 action and it's pretty damn cool stuff...... the more mem bandwidth you have the better