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10-30-01, 05:46 PM
I need a new video card, but I dunno which GF to get. Here (http://members.home.com/megatron911/12GhzCelery.JPG) are my benchmarks in SiSandra.

Basically, i'm on par with a 1.2Ghz T-bird KT133A system, but I can't decide between a GF2 MX or a GTS or a GF3 Ti200 cuz i'm probably gonna get a thoroughbred system with Dual channel DDR end of next yr.

If I get a GF3 now, by middle of next yr, the GF4 will be out, so I kinda wanna get a GF2 now and save the money for later. Another issue is that I don't think my system is enough to FULLY push the GF3 to its limits cuz the Ti200 can EASILY overclock to over 230Mhz Core, and close to 500Mhz Ram, which is very close to Ti500 lvls. I think i'll need more memory bandwidth to FULLY push the card.

Another problem is that my AGP is stuck @ 100Mhz, does anyone know if the Ti200 can run stable @ that speed??


el bob
10-30-01, 06:13 PM
I've never oc'ed Gf2 but in terms of the financial situation, I'd definitely skip the Geforce 3 this time around. I would of recommeneded you to go with the MX but you are just getting so much out of that overclock that I'd say that machines deserves the GTS.

I've gone through the pains of purchasing generic manufacturer's for good video chipsets. In each case I save $50 easily but I've ran into SOOOOO many problems with them that it really isn't worth it. I'd recommend Abit, Asus, or Hercules.

10-30-01, 06:23 PM
get a GTS, u'll skip the GF3 and never miss it

10-30-01, 06:44 PM
Here are some prices that I expect:
GF2 MX400 /w TV-Out: $100
GF2 GTS /w TV-Out: $190
VisionTek GF3 Ti200 /w TV-Out (Overclockable to Ti500 speeds): Around $300 if I order from online store

These prices are all in CAD, so you see, the GF3 seems like the most bang for the buck, since its almost 2x faster than the GF2, but only costs 1/3 more + all those vertex shaders 'n stuff make it seem really temping.

Hehe, if only we knew the specs on the GF4, cuz if itz just a GF3 but with more ram and higher clockspeeds, itz not worth the $, but if itz got brand new kick a$$ features....

10-30-01, 06:59 PM
John makes a good point

GF3 technology isn't REQUIRED yet

but in 6 months it sure as hell will help! Doom 3 (but dont' call it that hehe) and Unreal 2, and Half Life 2 etc.... see the point

right now and in the near near future it's not neccassary, you can prolly have good gameplay with a GF2

BUT 6 months from now? I dunno, you may need a better card for the current games by then.... hell it could be even just 3 months away, i don't know, you can't predict these things

but one thing is true, there will be a time when even the GF3 is too slow for current games ;)

as for the GF4 NOTHING has been announced or said, since NVIDIA is on a 6 month product cycle we won't have anything new until about April of next year.... If you can hold out until then that's up to you, or you can get a GF2 for now that will hold you over.....

it all depends on the games you play and what you need for them and what works best for you

10-30-01, 08:03 PM
Geforce 2 GTS 32mb DDR Asus V7700 = $170, from Canada Comp CAD
that's my choice out of those. GF3 is mostly for bragging rights and the GF2 GTS will msot definately meet your gaming needs bro.

10-30-01, 08:36 PM
Hmm ya, but the GTS with TV out will cost more, I want TV out :D
Also, thats a 32MB normal GTS, so lowww clockrates.

The GF3 has enough features to like render Final Fantasy.. I don't think there are many other features that could be added to GF4, because software companies can't write games as fast as nVidia's 6 month product cycle! I predict the GF4 being a GF3 with 128MB ram, and like Quad channel DDR with a 400Mhz core, or maybe SLI?

Elsa has a GF3 based PROFESSIONAL OpenGL card. Its basically a normal GF3, with a special Elsa chip. Which tells you how good the features on the GF3 are.

10-30-01, 08:38 PM
BTW is there a GF3 "Quadro"? Is there a hack for it? :D