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10-30-01, 10:45 AM
Ok I have the Philips Acoustic Edge PSC706

I am running WinXP Pro with all updates from windows update

I am running Philips drivers found here: http://www.pcsound.philips.com/support.html#driver

The wdm version 1.55

I just installed Max Payne full install with the latest patch

I am going to reboot now and play the game some, do some stuff in it, and try out this benchmark mod I have for it and see what happens.

10-30-01, 10:59 AM
Ok I see what you mean, I could tell it immediately in the first scene

The background sounds are louder then the foreground sounds should be like the guns being fired and stuff.....

the loudness of the sounds almost seem reversed, but definately messed up

I heard no popping or crackling or grumbled sound, only that the sounds that should be louder were softer, and the softer sounds were too loud

I was thinking whatever kind of 3D audio it uses could be the culprit, I don't know if it uses Direct Sound 3D or EAX or Aureal 1 or what, but whatever mode it's in if we could turn it off and just use regular Stereo sound non Dolby type sound maybe that would help, at least as a troubleshooting method, but i saw no such option in the game or settings or anything for that.....

but since I did NOT have this problem on my other sound card before I got this new one or in Win2k I have to assume it's an XP Driver problem with this game....

however everything else works great with the soundcard, though I haven't tested a lot of games yet in XP

The ones I have tested that work perfect are DroneZ, Need For Speed 5, Quake 3, 3DMark2000 and 2001 (not games but relivant), that's really all i've done with xp game wise yet, i haven't had much of a chance to isntall all my games yet in xp, i only installed xp about 3 weeks ago.....

the only games i've found a problem with are NFS 3 and 4, and now Max Payne

everything else has been in windows like MP3's, music videos etc... which all work great

10-30-01, 10:53 PM

10-30-01, 11:02 PM
Thank you very much for the bump, I hadnt seen it until now. It was horrible losing some of the voices in such a great game. Since I've finished the game now, it would be safe to go back to winXP. I am happy to find out that it wasnt just my computer, or the fact that I had boughten the cheaper rythmic soundcard. I only needed the 2 channels, so I could hardly justify buying the better one.

Thanks again for your input.

10-30-01, 11:26 PM
There is one more thing i wanna try!

in the philips control applet you know how you can change to how many speakers your using? Mine was on 5.1 Dolby this whole time, must set it that way be default in the drivers, but i only have a 3 piece system setup on the two front channels, or I cna enable 4 channels cause i have 2 more speakers for the rear, i'm going to play with these options and see if they yield any different results...... i'll also try just regular 2 channel and stuff....

10-30-01, 11:47 PM
I'm bored, so I think I'll upgrade to winXP now. We'll see if I still have any problems. See you in about an hour!