View Full Version : DUH....I CAN BE SO DUMB(er)

10-30-01, 12:42 AM
:cry: :cry: :cry: Ok , I got the waa waa's out of the way. I have a Inteva American Megitrend Pentium -4 Gig computer win 98 BIOS Category IBM PC/AT comp. with a (I Know, I Know) a KDS Visual Sensation 7vi Monitor(discontinued) as are Inteva's manufacture date 95. Ok what I did. Laughing heard round the world and a slap 2 the forehead. I used Hardrive Utilities 2001 by Wingear and used the optimation and hard drive clean program. It gave me the files that could be disgarded and I chose all. Stupid.....
My comp. would not function after that. Back-up? Oh yeh. To late. I then uninstalled win 98 and it still messed up. So I ran Western Digitals Data Lifeguard Tools and wiped the hard drive clean and used the ez install as if it was a new hard drive. Ok, I ten installed win98 again and I got it working but the cheap ass monitor wont size properly. I can only get 16 color and it will change the sizing in display until I click apply, then it goes back . Huge everything and 16 color. I survived the comp. screw ups to be outdone by a cheap monitor. Any suggestions. I went to the USKDS website and downloaded the driver to no avail. THANX

10-30-01, 02:07 AM
Sounds like you need video card drivers, instead of a monitor driver. Visit the manufacuter's website and snag the latest copy.