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10-29-01, 11:04 AM
I finally got my system kinda working and now I'm running into a video card problem. I'm running Win98; T-bird 900; Asus A7V and a Radeon 32mb DDR video card. When I booted my system for the first time Windows recognized new hardware (my video card) and allowed me to load the drivers. I ran into lots of DDWinhelp.exe errors so decided to get the latest drivers off ATi's site. I downloaded them, uninstalled the old drivers, and tried to install the new ones. I got an error message saying the install wouldn't work and I should try to set the Video adaptor to a Std VGA. It wouldn't let me so I re-booted. The system posted and ran through most of the boot, I got the Win 98 screen and then the monitored powered down but the boot continued. This happened several times. I am able to install other older video cards, some POS that came with the system and my old Diamond Viper V550 and I can get to the desktop (Windows recognizes that there is new hardware). But everytime I reinstall the Radeon just before the desktop the monitor powers down. I tried, with an old video card, to reinstall the new Radeon drivers but I keep getting an error message about the Video adaptor. I'm pissed and clueless. Windows won't recognize the Radeon as new hardware. WTF do I do???? :cry:

10-29-01, 02:25 PM
Havey ou installed the Via 4in1's? They are vital to stable performance with any via based chipset. Another thing, it sounds like you have a corrupted version of Win98, is this a fresh installation of it or a "transplant"?(Meaning you tried to use it from a previous system, with different components)

10-29-01, 02:41 PM
I'd reboot into safe mode, remove all video drivers. Un-install all drivers you have listed in Programs, in case you had any old ones. Reboot, let a video card think it's loading, cancel out. Make it PCI Standard VGA. Reboot....then change adapter type to your ATI...pointing it to the directory where you unzipped your latest drivers.

10-30-01, 10:01 AM
VIA 4 in Whats???? DOH!!!!!! :eek:

******* ----------------------------> me :(

Well, I guess I'll try that. It was a fresh install however, and it will be again by tonight :)