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10-28-01, 04:57 PM
Hi friends,
I have a keen interest in OOP.Lets have my short story(infact very short :))
After completing my C lang i have two choices to shift on OO.1:C++ 2:Java.Then i take a short survey & conclude that shifting to Java is more apropriate then C++ and will cover all the OO aspects in C++ , infact some more.
Now i have completed my Java & LOVES OO in Java.I at this moment thinks that can i shift to C++?.And whether it will be a plus point 4 me in field.Does it requires more hardwork to shift C++.Means the disadvantages & advantages.
Tell me All About!
Thanks in advance........I think ppl. here mostly lOVES C++:)....so no anti weapons against me...Just joking.........:):)

11-26-01, 05:52 PM

For me, i find moving from VB to C++, quite a challenge.

I find C++ much harder than VB, but the thing is that C++ is more powerful and more widely used.

Anyways, i should be going into java direction next year or so.


12-06-01, 06:47 PM
java is on the way out or at least thats what i hear. C++ is much more powerful than java or VB so that makes it a better choice in my opinion. Also many concepts are similiar in both and that will help you out a great deal. can you tell i have just taken a clas sin c as well!