View Full Version : PLEASE HELP---JUST want to reformat harddrive~~but

10-28-01, 02:44 PM
ok here the prob in a nutshell...first of all, LET ME SAY that i have an above average knowledge of cpu function, but no experience with this hard drive format business.. i did an overinstall of winME over win98, then realized that the cpu is too slow and cluttered and decided on a full reformat of hardrive, now the problem is didnt see remove windows ME IN the add/remove programs , so i went to make the repartition the drive to just one section and ran fdisk, but i dont understand what to do when i boot to a: @!@!~ whats the difference between rescue DISK, startup disk and boot disk... i have a copy of winME, but it wont boot up setup....and windows wont load IDE-0 either~~this is so confusing and hard to explain~~im sooo stuck...anyone understand my woes...HELP?

10-28-01, 02:56 PM
Two things, you have the setup disk(Floppy) that comes with Win ME(I would have suggested you stay with 98SE, but eh.)?
If you do, firstly, get into a pure dos enviroment. Then type
format C:\ (Or whatever drive your OS is stored on).
This will and should clear your HD of the os. From there you can go to an fresh install.

10-28-01, 03:07 PM
i only have the WinME CDROM and i dont know how to get to a pure DOS environment because WinMe wont let me restart in MS-DOS mode and if u run FDISK it says windows is in use and it CANT FORMAT harddrive

10-28-01, 03:12 PM
my dos code is rusty, where is Norm when you need him?

10-28-01, 03:33 PM
do you have an e-mail address i could just send a win98se startup disk to (compressed files. just extract onto a blank/formatted floppy)?

i am not too familiar with ME, so instaead of trying to figure that out i can just send you the files necessary to startup in DOS and perform FDISK and/or FORMAT.

10-28-01, 04:30 PM
i sent u an email bud~~ those files in order to put me in DOS mode would help ..the floppy drive only works on one cpu ..the one i have a prob with~

10-28-01, 04:47 PM
Once you have a boot disk/startup disk which you can get here http://www.etplanet.com/windows/bootdisk/

Follow these instructions on how to fdisk and fomat