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10-28-01, 01:22 AM
Look at this Javascript below:

<!-- Begin DesignerWiz.com Navigation --><div align="center"><center>

<table border="0" bgcolor="#000000">
<td align="center"><input type="button"
value=" &lt;&lt; " onclick="javascript:history.back(-1);">
<input type="button" value="Home" onclick="Index.htm"> <input
type="button" value=" &gt;&gt; " onclick="driver_edu.htm"></td>
</center></div><!-- End Navigation -->

You see where it says "Index.htm" and "driver_edu.htm"? If those web pages are in the same directory where the HTML document is in which this script occurs, can I just use the document's name, i.e., Index.htm or driver_edu.htm, or do I have to point to the entire URL?

Thanks for any input. :)

10-28-01, 01:46 AM
If they are in the same directory, it should work.

10-28-01, 09:36 AM
Thanks, downhill, that's what I suspected, so I left it as shown.