View Full Version : OMFG!! Please help!

10-28-01, 01:40 AM
"For some reason, after upgrading my sound card... I can't hear the navigation sound! You know, when you click a link and stuff. Also, a couple of other sounds too.

I don't know why with upgraded Digitally Signed drivers, my sound has messed up!? I would roll back the drivers, but they aren't digitally signed. Also, other problems with sound... On ICQ... You know that type writer sound... It's choppy! It skips if I start typing quickly.. WTF.. My mp3's play fine, they don't skip. All my other wavs (that I've checked) work fine.... Oh and some help with the skipping would be great too."

This was resolved after uninstalling the sound driver, and rebooting. Letting Windows install those stupid damn drivers again. When I reboot... I heard them again! Yes! BUT---When I ran STUPID ICQ... I heard no ICQ stupid startup sound... then I said oh-no... It's back again.. I tried clicking links.. NO SOUND! Type writer sound was still choppy! I can't play it in my sound properties neither!! Why is this?!!? Why is it that these sounds all of a sudden don't work? These specific sounds!?! WHY MY NAVIGATION START WAV!?!?!

BTW, I'm on Windows XP and my sound card is C-Media CM3738. I also noticed that new drivers added a CD3X extension to it..!?!? Why is this happening!? When I try uninstalling it and reinstalling the new drivers for it, it automatically installs the stupid drivers I don't want! The ones that are digitally signed but don't work! Is there anyway to make a batch file or something to automatically install the drivers I want it to use? Because the Add new Hardware method is not working. Thank you.