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Idiot Savant
10-28-01, 12:26 AM
When I overclock my comp (see sig) I get this friendly message from windows in MS-DOS:

Windows Protection Fault. You need to restart your computer.

Thats overclocking the multiplier.

When upping the FSB, It creates more BSODs than rappers make grammatical errors.

CPU has been thru a 1.5 hour burn in session, and Ram timings do NOT make one iota of difference.

Any help much appreciated thnx.

10-28-01, 12:31 AM
Originally posted by Idiot Savant

When upping the FSB, It creates more BSODs than rappers make grammatical errors.

OMG, that's funny!

I"d say, there's nothing you can really do, except leave your computer at stock speeds....maybe you just got a bad processor/mobo combination, that isn't very friendly.

Have you overclocked this computer before sucessfully?

how much are you changing the FSB/multi? try just 1mhz at a time, if possible.

maybe try some extra cooling on your RAM, and processor, if it's not that good now..

10-28-01, 12:33 AM
ah, ok, i didn't even look at your sig...it has all hte info i need...

according to your sig, you have it set at 155FSB? any higher than that you get the errors?

I'd say 155 is fast enough, lol.

Idiot Savant
10-28-01, 12:58 AM
Normal speeds are 10x140, and on my old Iwill KA266+ (slow, but otherwise a GREAT motherboard) the same CPU has been to 1500.

I picked up the Epox because so many ppl have OC'd it to oblivion... but I'm almost sure that its a total POS:

Hell, even the onboard sound is stuck on mono (not l33t)
and yes its been to 9x155 (1395 MHz)

It gives me all these A.A.F errors at anything over 1425.
Its like windows recognizes my clock settings and goes "Hey lets f**k with phill" and makes me want to hurl things at it.

Otherwise, the epox has been a total piece! (hah you thought id say "okay")

10-28-01, 05:14 AM
what are ur temps now the dragon orb aint great for ocing, but if u were at 1500 with it then it should get u back to that, have u uped the voltage, if so to what if not try it.

10-28-01, 12:48 PM
voltage mod. Try it only if your feeling gutsy. But I think 1.394 is pretty good.

Idiot Savant
10-28-01, 08:04 PM
Yah, this processor normally runs @ 1.65 Vcore, but when OC'ing I usually set it to 1.825 (.025 shy of max on this board)

Most people can keep their Athlon at 1.6GHz with that much voltage.

My guess is that this is a Winbond CPU ID problem, considering this machine has booted FINE at 1550 MHz, its just windows fails to run at 1425

BTW Dragon ORB 3 rocked, held my comp to 108 F full load with side panels on and everything, @ 1.8 Vcore.

loved that cooler :(

Forgot to mention that the fan burnt out, im using a POS stock Coolermaster rated for a 1.4.

I keep the case side off when attempting to OC (which helps quite a bit)