View Full Version : SBLive Platinum 5.1 Drivers

10-26-01, 05:40 PM
anyone else have this card and run XP?

Did you get the new drivers from creative?

Did they f... up your sound, they did to mine

Let me know if anyone had the same problem

10-26-01, 07:22 PM
How did you download your drivers? whenever i went to soundblaster.com in their drivers section, it says that there are no current drivers there, but i have downloaded them before

and i think everytime u download your new drivers it sets all your settings to default. just make sure you set your Bass and Treble correctly, then your sound will be much clearer

10-26-01, 07:36 PM
Heh Creative has to update theyr drivers years now .
The poor people that they take the LIVE series they run with drivers that was made at 2000 .

And the software bungle of creative does not work at win2k at all .

And the most funny is that the chips in 5,1 version they have date of production 1999 .

And something more funny , the chips that the first LIVE series have on , they have date 1997 , and the LIVE series come to the market at 2000 and after .

It looks that they give to the people, technology 2 years behind of our age ..

10-27-01, 11:50 AM
i did the upgrade option, when i installed winxp and have the clabs 5.1 scard. i did not need to upgrade the drivers.

10-27-01, 04:20 PM
i have a sound blaster live! value...and both before i got the update from windos update and aftri get some wierd shizzi...like echoing in games and like sometimes static...waitin for the new liv ware...