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10-26-01, 01:56 AM
... about a second apart, like a clock. For about a half hour and then it went away. It's somewhere inside the case and I couldn't locate it even with a mechanic's stethoscope.

Hard drive? Two Quantum 7200 rpm ATA 66's that have been running about four months. How can I tell which one?

Arcing or capacitor breakdown in the PS or mobo? The PS is a 400W Silencer from PCP&C, also running four months. The Tyan S2390B for about three weeks.

Any thoughts about this would be appreciated. It's not doing it now but if it starts again I'd like to have some idea of what to look for.

10-26-01, 02:39 AM
:rotfl: :rotfl:
ok enoulf of that....i think i know what sound your speaking of..i get it when i try a boot up with a HD that is dead....its like it is seeking then retsarting by slamming the head back and forth....so the HD still workz write?? if it does i would just let it go and see what happns...maybe it just had a spaz...if it keepz happending send er back,....good luck


10-26-01, 07:06 AM
How do you have them setup...master and slave?

Each drive partitioned? Or whole meaning your master drive is C, and slave drive is D?

I'd try pushing it by running a thorough scandisk on each drive, and seeing how things sound. Diskdefragger also gives your HD a good workout. You'd naturally be afraid to push your HD, but in reality...if she dies under this load, was gonna die anyways soon.

Another thing....I heard this tick click tick click noise starting a while ago, and was afraid of the same thing...but it was my cd-rom making the noise when I booted my machine up a couple of times a month. I usually have a music cd in there...and whenever a cd is in the drive when she boots up...I get that noise.

10-26-01, 07:45 AM
First of all do not worry that muts .

Second it could be alot of stuff as reason .

But the most simple one is your outlets voltage to had fall from the named voltage like 220 or 120 Volts AC , in lower values .

If this happens , then there is one possibility that your hard disks , becauce of the unstable voltage that they get , to try to park theys heads , and becauce the voltage and the curent in your box ,is low at that time , they try and try and try again ..

Click click click ..... :D

Now to check if what i am saying really happens at your box , you need to get a Multymeter and at the time that it happens to check the voltage suply of your home .

One good help is to get one U.P.S. Power suply , like 450 KVA .
So to not have to worry about electricity problems .

If all this it does not hapen to you , something other that you can check is the fans on your system , some one is possible very dusty and have floated with dust .

Your motherboard is out of any suspicion , and also about your power suply do not worry either .

If one power suply does not work right it gets burned instandly,
This power suplys called switcing ones .
In simple words ,wen one switcing power suply works its like one power plan .
If the balance is lost in the power suply ,for any reason, the power suply get burned asap .
Yes they have fuses , but what i am trying to say is that there is not possible, by any way , to have one half broken power suply .

10-26-01, 02:52 PM
Originally posted by Zmoney
:rotfl: :rotfl:
Thanks. I didn't notice one but I'll take a closer look. Actually, it's quiet now so I'll just wait. I would expect a faster rate of clicking if it were a HD. I dunno. Maybe its a snap rather than a tick or click (snick? tap? clap?). It's been running f@h constantly. That's all it's been doing since it's still on my set-up bench while I refine the cooling. I think I'm done with that now and ready to put it to work.

10-26-01, 03:25 PM
YOS: Thanks for responding.
It's master and slave, no partitions, OS is on C: and apps are on D:
I defrag every disk in the house weekly, usually on Saturday since I download a lot of data to my main box Friday night. I'll run a thorough scan on both of these disks this time. In fact, I think I'll do that right now or at least after it finishes the current f@h work unit.
I pulled the power connectors on the floppy, CD, and tape drive while this was going on. No effect.
The problem may have gone away but I'll post if I find anything.

10-26-01, 04:02 PM
syncmaster: Thanks for responding.

My power line is constantly monitored and is steady within 1 volt of 120 VAC. This box is on a 500VA APC Back-UPS ( that's what they call it). I'll keep a meter handy so if it happens again I can check the individual PS outputs. Or I'll just go into the BIOS and look at the monitored voltages. Whatever comes to mind.

The fans are OK, nearly new. Only one case fan and it's on the exhaust.

Quote: "Your motherboard is out of any suspicion , and also about your power suply do not worry either . "

I don't think so. The sound is exactly what you hear from a capacitor when the dielectric breaks down. Unlikely, I think, with the low voltage on a mobo. I've never seen a diagram of a switching power supply so I can only guess at how it works. It seems to me it may have a filter capacitor on the high voltage side. Some capacitors will heal themselves so maybe that's what happened.

The power supply is 400W with a 1 amp fixed load.

Anyway, it's quiet now so maybe there's no real problem. I sure didn't like to hear that sound, though.

10-26-01, 07:57 PM
Some capacitors will heal themselves so maybe that's what happened.

I work with electronics and repairs for the age of 18 and now i am 33 .
And self healing boards i have never see wen i am waik . :D

But from your last mesage , i will say that your problem can be comming for less visible aspects , like poor contact of the power plugs on your hard drives .
Or another thing that just pop up as possible reason of the Click click sounds is the CD rom mechanism .
Some times the internal mechanism that moves the Lazer optick ,left and right , gets dirt and it stacks ,so the plastick gears they kicking between them ..

Any way run the box with the cover open for one week and monitor it , as you previeusly said .

Just post what ever you find as reason .
It will be good to know .

10-26-01, 10:44 PM
Originally posted by syncmaster
And self healing boards i have never see wen i am waik . :D

If I come across a self-healing mobo, I'll let you know and I trust you will do the same for me. :) I'm sure you realize I was referring to tantalum capacitors.

Note: The CD was disconnected.

10-27-01, 02:26 PM
Hmm ok , and were you think that your modo uses tantalium capasitors ???

This capasitors is very spesial ones and they used only in RF devices ..
Or at high End , stereos .

Any way , you got all the help from me that i can give from distance , i wish you to find the solution in this litle mystery . :)

10-27-01, 03:29 PM
Originally posted by poptom
YOS: Thanks for responding.

i never responded until now

10-27-01, 10:32 PM
Originally posted by syncmaster
Hmm ok , and were you think that your modo uses tantalium capasitors ???
I must be mistaken, then. I just assumed all high value, low voltage electrolytics nowadays were made with tantalum. I haven't been involved with circuit design for many years.

Thank you for your interest in my little problem. :)
Distance? Your words of wisdom are only two feet away from my eyes. :)

10-28-01, 06:19 AM
Thank you for your interest in my little problem

:D Any time man ..