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10-26-01, 12:13 AM
Recently my computer has been freezing on me whenever I play computer games like diablo 2, rainbow six and ghost recon, but I got that fixed by rearranging my pci cards and changing up my IRQ settings. However, the games are now running really slow and choppy. Diablo 2 is running at a dreaded 1fps. Anyone know why this is? Plz help, thanks a lot.

Computer specs:
1.4ghz Athlon T-bird
SOYO K7V Dragon mb
Thermaltake Volcano 6cu heatsink
256mb DDR
40gb IBM 7200rpm
Radeon VE
Soundblaster Live! Value
Cisco Systems 350 series PCI Wireless LAN Adapter
Pioneer 40x DVD
Lite-on 16x/10x/40x CD-RW
Windows ME

10-26-01, 12:44 AM
sound like possiby your vid drivers are corrupt. You may want to do a reintall of them.

10-26-01, 02:18 AM
I re-installed my vid drivers, and I even re-installed all my directx stuff and to no avail. Any other suggestions?

10-26-01, 03:45 AM
Your Video card AGP port usually shares IRQ with the pci slot directlly beneth it...if possible do NOT put anything in that slot...as to your freezing...soundz like your video card is overheating..maybe your cpu..but id bet it was the vid.....play some games and when it crashed touch the ram and the vid card and see how hot it is...i had a similar problem when i was runnin ME and i never found out what it waz...i would freeze every 20 min or so..or when i waz scrolling down on a webpage..i dono what i did but everyday i would try new shizzi and one day it just werked....but back to you...i would just make sure nothing is in that pci slot..outher than that i have no idea why your fps would get so low...maybe you have to turn on somethin in your bios...AGP turbo, apature size, ect ect...if noone here can help ya head on over 2 http://gamershq.madonion.com/ and post in the msg boardz..there pretty insane with vid cardz so maybe they can help...good luck man


10-26-01, 06:10 AM
The radeon has a known problem of sometimes not working properly under agp 4x. I have a radeon 64ddr with an abit kt7a and I've suffered problems when running in agp4x soetimes too. sJust change it to agp2x and you'll suffer no loss in preformance, yet your problem should be solved. I think I scored 20 points lower in 3dmark2k as a result of lowering it.

There is a fix to have it work properly in agp4x, but after looking at it I didnt consider it worth the effort or the time.

10-26-01, 12:58 PM
I tried all that. I changed it to agp2x and I changed my apature size and no go. I'm still running really slow. Also, my sound card is in the third PCI slot, and my network card is in the fourth. Everything else is open and free.

10-26-01, 01:53 PM
Ok, lets get this thing fixed.

1. Have you run any Sandra benchmarks? Is everything else performing as it should? Try the Sandra Motherboard Info screen and see if anything sticks out.

2. My buddy has a Dragon and I'll check his Mobo book this weekend.

3. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers from the Mobo Disk?

4. When did this start? New system? You change anything right before this happened? Download anything? Have you run any Virus/cleansing utilities recently?

10-26-01, 02:43 PM
Ok, I dl'ed Sandra. For the motherboard, under performing tips it says, FSB exceeds chipset rate speed and mainboard temperature is too high. I'm running a 1.4ghz t-bird 266mhz... dont know how my fsb is too high.

Is there anything else I should be looking at? I'm not sure what to do, hehe.

10-26-01, 03:13 PM
Your stock FSB should be set at 133. Sometimes Sandra can report an incorrect temp. It Sometimes reports the mainboard temp when in fact it is your CPU temp. What is the temp showing in your BIOS?

Things to check for under the information "I" heading.
Under Mainboard Information....
1. Under System Chipset does it show 133 as your FSB?
2. Is it recognizing all your memory?
3. Under Memory modules is it showing the memory bus speed as 133 also?
4. Is your AGP bus running at 66mhz?
3. Is your PCI bus running at 33mhz?

Did you change anything recently???

10-26-01, 03:23 PM
Everything looks good, except for the AGP and PCI bus. It doesn't give a speed for either of them.

Under AGP this is all that is listed:
Version 2.00
Current Data Transfer Rate 4x
Side Band Enabled Yes
Fast-Writes Enabled No

Under PCI:
Version 2.10
No Buses 1

Hmmm... this is odd. My cpu currently is running at 52C. However, it usually ranges from 54-57C. I thought that was pretty high but I spoke to various ppl and everyone said that's ok for an Athlon chip and it's nothing to worry about. Also, i can't find where the memory bus speed is at.

I didn't really change anything recently. I did dl new drivers for my vid card and my chipset... but some reason i couldn't install the new chipset drivers, whatever. Anyway, I did reformat my computer about two weeks ago, but my freezing problem was occuring before that. I never had this low fps problem before.

10-26-01, 03:30 PM
I am not sure how versed you are in bios tweaking but you should be able to enable fast writes in your bios. My guess is that something changed - or was changed that you were unaware of (or just a bad card). I would read my mobo book carefully and become familiar with it and then start some bios tweaks (1 at a time to test stability)

Your temps are a little on the high side. Again, Sandra sometimes has a problem with them. I would rely on my Bios reporting temps.

I believe Soyo has a Temp reporting tool on the Mobo CD. You may want to install it.

Again, read your Mobo book. Check to see that the FSB and CPU multiplier are set correctly. With those temps you may be overclocking and not know it.

10-26-01, 03:36 PM
I edited my above message if you wanna read it =) That's the odd thing, i have no idea why my cpu is running so high. It's at 133x10.5 which is the correct settings for the 1.4ghz. I upgraded my heatsink, but the temperature of my cpu didnt change at all. I know i installed it correctly because it's running around 5000 rpms. I saw a post somewhere about some guy overclocking his 1.4ghz athlon and he had the same heatsink as me, and he's running around 52C. Wonder why my stuff is so ****ed.

10-26-01, 03:52 PM
I understand. I'm just trying to find the reason you're getting 1FPS.

I would check your bios under all the AGP settings etc.

PM me if you need some more help

10-26-01, 04:24 PM
No Don't go PM

It will be interesting to see all the info :)

10-26-01, 05:21 PM
ok heres the pm

If your 12v is dropping to 10v that is a big problem. I would not flash my bios unless you're really sure on how to do it (which it sounds like you may not be)

I would suggest going into your bios. On the very first screen there is an option to set everything to a default setting. Set it up as that and then start your bios tweaking. By setting to default your cpu, memory etc will be set much lower than you expect. these setting are used as a starting point so make sure you understand you mobo settings. and then start tweaking.

since you seem to be a little new to the tweaking game I would suggest doing a google search for tweaks on your mobo. Or post another post and ask some of the members what they have their bios set at (many have the same board as you do), matter of fact I would suggest that first, try changing your settings to match, and then if that dosent work start by setting everything to default.

You're on your own from here out.

remember, read the mobo book and become very familiar with it and your bios. Google has many sites that will explain in plain english what these settings do.

good luck