View Full Version : boot problem

10-25-01, 08:21 PM
ok got a problem, its an AMD system,

when booting, nothing appears on the screen, then after about 15 seconds a beeping noise comes, and its a pattern of high low

10-25-01, 08:25 PM
check the video card, take it out and reseat it, well it kind of depends on the pattern of the beep, is it: 1 long beep and 2 short beeps? or is it 1 long or 3 short beeps, anyway those two descriptions of the beep patterns have to do with video failures

10-25-01, 08:32 PM
its the same length beeps, one high one low one high one low etc

10-25-01, 09:07 PM
Do a google search for "motherboard beep codes". that should give you a list

10-25-01, 09:20 PM
For the most part beep codes are on and off. In other words short and long. D/led the manual for your board and couldn't even find beep codes listed. Gonna check my bh6 manual and see if I can help you out.

Let us know, I will still look at my BH6 manual though

10-27-01, 07:31 PM
its long short long short long short..........