View Full Version : Which of these three monitors to get?

10-25-01, 01:48 PM
First is the KDS VS-190p
VS-190p (http://www.kdsusa.com/vs190p.htm)

Second the KDS VS-19sn
VS-19sn (http://www.kdsusa.com/vs19sn.htm)

Finally the KDS VS-195XP
VS-195XP (http://www.kdsusa.com/vs195xp.htm)

Prices as of Pricewatch

VS-190p - $172 lowest

VS-19sn - $222 lowest

VS-195XP - $184 lowest

10-25-01, 02:10 PM
Viewsonic gets my vote for quality for a good price.

KDS DOA return rate at our store is a joke....never seen so many bad new units. They are truely "you get what you pay for"....wal mart budget monitors.

10-25-01, 03:27 PM
The normal Shadow mask KDS monitors might be BS, but I bet the Sony FD Trinitron models work fine.

10-25-01, 03:35 PM
the 195TF is discontinued and will cost me like $435


can you recommend any other monitors?


10-25-01, 03:36 PM
KDS is going bankrupt:

KDS, or Korea Data System, once a prospering IT company, is now facing bankruptcy. It was only last year the Korean firm experienced rapid progress, as its affiliates in the United States and Japan became listed on the US Nasdaq and Nasdaq Japan each. The company, however, has followed a rapid slippage since late last year, as demand for personal computers froze. The company's rapid surge and speedy downfall in only one and a half years of existence have become the talk of the town.

10-26-01, 08:08 PM
Get a SONY .....

Wen you will finaly end paying for it , you will thanks me :D

10-26-01, 08:50 PM
I am not real fimillar with KDS but I picked up a Samsung SyncMaster 955DF and it is fantastic. The prices ar'nt too bad either:D

10-26-01, 08:53 PM
that's too bad about KDS....i always thought they were pretty good...used their monitors in school alot.

10-26-01, 09:20 PM
Originally posted by syncmaster
Get a SONY .....

Wen you will finaly end paying for it , you will thanks me :D


hey syncmaster what happened, i thought you stood with samsung's?