View Full Version : Another good thread about Anisotropic filtering.

10-25-01, 01:24 PM

Read away for enlightenment on which company has the best aniso filtering.

10-25-01, 01:56 PM
grrrrrr i think i now want both a GF3 and teh 8500 lol

10-25-01, 02:47 PM
SEE the GF3 doesn't have horrible image quality compared to the Radeon 8500 like some people think

In fact the GF3's Anisotropic filtering is BETTER then the 8500 as we just saw

this goes otu to all those people that think the GF3's image quality is bad and the radeon 8500 is so much better

yes there are some differences, but ever so slight, and if you want good anisotropic filtering looks like the GF3 has a better implementation.....