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10-25-01, 12:26 PM
Hello there.

Yesterday i bought an Xtasy Nvidia gForce2 MX 400 and a us robotics 56K modem and i am having some problems.
With the video card everthing seemed to go smooth, i dloaded DirectX 8 but evertime i run anything with a DirectDraw aplication the computers locks so i cant play my 3d games. (Quake or D2). I dloaded too the Nvidia detonator XP and dunno whats goin on.In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool says Direct Draw enable, Direct 3d not available , AGP texture enable.

2)The problem with the modem is that i bought it thinking was gona be a bit faster than the other one in other comp. Well now i ping 200 and with my other computer in the same server and same trace i ping 150. How could that be possible? Anybody knows how to tweek modems i'm gettin dsl soon but until i get it i wana play with this modem.

Well any help will be apretiated especially with the video card that locks my comp everytime i try to run quake or diablo.

P3 450mhz
512mb PC 133
G Force 2 mx 400 XP detonators

Thx Kalsha

10-26-01, 12:23 PM
call on the phone my # 6612643986 the call is on u am sure i can help,....michael