View Full Version : OEM ATI 8500 for sale

10-24-01, 10:28 PM
I have an ATI OEM 8500 for sale.

$210 US dollars, shipped to your door in the 48 states.

Keep in mind it has a lower clock rate than the retail version.
250/250 instead of 275/275. I need the VIVO functions of the 8500DV. I thought the card had video in.

Send me a check, after the check clears, I'll send you the card.

Unless you know a better way, other than Pay-Pal.


Sgt. Pepper
10-27-01, 04:57 PM
Not to sound like a newb, but any differnence in performance between the two clock speeds?

10-28-01, 10:33 AM
There is a small difference in performance, nothing that you will notice in games, but if you run programs that benchmark the video card you will see a lesser score.

I've fill out a RMA with NewEgg last night, just waiting on the OK to send it back.

11-04-01, 09:18 PM
I might have offered you less, but if you can get that much for the newegg return I would do it that way.