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10-23-01, 08:30 PM
Ok first of all I am never formatting my hard drive again, I am looking at this screen right now with only my operating system and my ethernet card installed, boy this sux.

Ok, I formatted my hard drive last weekend, ever since then I cannot get it running again, I have tried copying the win98 cd to my hard drive and installing that way still no luck with this error. I get everything installed (i.e. mobo via drivers, vid drivers, sblive cd, ethernet driver) until I get to downloading updates for my windows. I can download explorer 6.0 but when I go to get directx 8 it installs fine until it reboots, first thing that comes up " Windows encountered an error accessing the system registry. Windows will restart and repair the system registry for you". That sux, because everytime it does that I am at square one again, it backs up and restores my old registry.

Also, after it restores my old registry my old files of everything I installed are still on the computer but they do not work. I go and try to install them again and the system cannot find the files, guess what reformat again, again, and again. Please if you guys can help me out, that would rock. sorry for grammar errors little pissed, this has been going on all weekend and all of today. I havent gained any ground.

oh yeah, specs:

AMD T-Bird 1.2gig
Abit KT7A mobo
512 mb ram
Geforce 2 MX400 64mb
little over 10 gig hdd
cable modem (roadrunner)

Thanks for any help.:cry:

10-23-01, 08:36 PM
Hrmmm, i'm not really sure WHERE to put this problem for you lol

so what i am going to do is move it to the Software forum and Copy it to the hardware forum for you, so it will be in 2 forums for maximum viewage about your problem, hopefully from that you can get some good suggestions.....

10-23-01, 08:38 PM
thanks a lot, This really sux. Do you have any suggestions?

10-23-01, 08:46 PM
Try running in dos scandsk. See if it finds any errors. This is just a starting point. You may have a spot on the drive that died. I also about two weeks ago had an older 98 system that was in a endless corrupted registry and going to fix loop. It turned out to be a bad stick of memory.

10-23-01, 09:38 PM
notice my other thread titled formatting hard drive, this is where I am at now. Boy this is terrrible.

10-24-01, 12:05 AM
I was getting the same thing when either my clock multiplier or cpu voltage was set too high.

When I tweaked down everything back to specs I booted no problem. You may want to set your bios to the default settings and start form there.

10-24-01, 06:21 AM
The only time I've seen this repeatedly on a system was on HP Vectra workstations, that had 98SE on them, factory image. I did a large day care center chain across the state, big dial up WAN. This was a really big account, I did a painstakingly long job making some nice customized setups.

Within a week of delivery and setup, one of the computers would get that "error accessing the registry" every time she booted up. Sometimes going into safe mode, then rebooting, would make it go away.....but it was bound to come back.

Win98 has this automated registry backup, where you can restore a blow registry from the DOS prompt with scanreg /restore. The OS will do this by itself if it deems necessary. It keeps a default, hmmm, 5 registries I think backed up, making a copy of the registry on each successfull shutdown.

Bottom line, I hit HP's website, and it ended up this version of Vectra had bad a buggy version of Intels Chipset drivers. Going to www.intel.com and downloaded the latest chipset infs cured the problem for me.

Now for you, you say after getting the latest DX. I also see you mention 4 in 1, meaning you have AMD. Are you using the latest 4 in 1 drivers? Also, since DX is related to sound and video, do you have the latest video and sound drivers? Or are you using old ones that came with your hardware?

To help you with things, you can turn off the registry scan, start ==> run ==> msconfig....click on the startup tab...you'll see "ScanRegistry"...yank the checkmark. Not a longterm solution though......since it's just a bandaid approach.

Don't wanna discourage you from learning how to reformat, you'll feel great once you learn how to do it, and your system will usually run much better once you learn how to do it better.

It's better to install your devices one at a time, meaning when you are about to run Windows setup....just have your video card installed. Try to have your LATEST drivers handy for everything on whatever you can use (zip drive, burnt cd, etc) (what I use is another partition on my hard drive, I keep all the latest drivers there, format C, re-install, then proceed to install devices one at a time, with my drivers already handy on the D drive)

Good rule of thumb....first thing to update is your motherboard chipset drivers...the Intel infs, or the Via 4 in 1's. Using the latest drivers! Do all the reboots. Then update your video card so you can see what your doing. Do the reboots. Then, one by one, add each other device like NIC, sound, etc. Then run all your windows updates over the top.

Advice...leave your top PCI slot empty....it usually shares an IRQ with your AGP video card...which you don't want. Standard is NIC in PCI slot #2.