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10-23-01, 09:31 AM
I'm not much into cd burning, but someone who has a new small form factor computer....both 5" bays are used up with a Plex burner, and a Colorado ATAPI tape drive. They now want to burn from cd to cd.....so here's the million dollar question...

Does software like Adaptec and/or Nero work with external cd-rom's via USB interface? Remember, they have an internal IDE burner now...just want to add a standard cd-rom which will have to be external...either parallel (slow), or hopefully USB.

Win98se OS

10-23-01, 09:43 AM
No problems at all. They may need to cache the data first, rather than burn on the fly depending on what connection they use

10-23-01, 09:59 AM
Keep i mind the the device reading the data need's to be 2x's faster then the burner when writing.

10-23-01, 03:01 PM
an interesting question, depends.

I know that if you try and have a burner and a cd-rom drive hooked up on the same IDE cable, you'll find that you get alot of ruined cdrs due to buffer underruns.

So the real question would be if the external cd-reader would be able to read the information fast enough to be burned at the set speed (for example 4x, which is 600kb).

BTW as long as the CD drive is recognized in Win98SE, Adaptec should recognize it.

10-23-01, 10:14 PM
Reading the replys I don't really see an answer. first of all if you have adaptec ezcd then you and do a copy cd with only your burner. This is done by the creation of a image file onto the hard drive then it copies the image file to the blank cd. There are several programs that do this however one problem with adaptec software is if the cd you are copying is a data/audio mix it cant creat the image file.
It may also have a minor problem with a audio cd with several small tracks on them. Best program I have found for this is cdrwin becuse it can make a mixed image file. Another is NTI CDMaker.

Just a note
Personally I don't see the need for the tape drive with a burner on the system, you can back everything up onto a cd just like on a tape. So you could make it even easier by replaceing the tape drive with a cd reader. ( might want to copy or backup all your tapes to cd first )

Just my 2 cents

10-23-01, 11:07 PM
Hi Stonecat, Great work with the network problem for brembo. I had to back off and let the network god handle that one. If your going to burn cd to cd then may I suggest "clone cd". Should handle the burners quite well. Clone cd copies to the hard drive before burning so you won't end up with a bunch of drink coasters.

10-23-01, 11:08 PM
If you copy DIRECTLY from CD to CD it'll probably run into buffer underruns. Also depends on the speed of the burner, if itz like 2x or somethin it could work, but itz better to do an image of the CD on HD first, which is not hard

10-23-01, 11:34 PM
Stonecat, if you need more help then email me. Clone Cd is what you want. I do a lot of cd copying for back up. Interface is simple as it can get, they can't screw it up! In my top 10 this rates a 15.

10-24-01, 12:26 AM
I have a USB 4x burner, I burn Music CD's, and data all the time. no problems at all. Using Nero, CloneCD, no problems.

10-24-01, 06:04 AM
Tnx for input guys....our salesgirl asked me for a client of one of our consultants....I really don't dapple much with burning, the bit I do is with internal IDE to IDE, I always put them on separate channels. She asked me about the small form factor, how it was full already, so needed external regular cd reader to mix with the internal ATA cd-burner. I figured it was technically possible since with most newer programs, if the OS sees it, the program will see it. But realistically, performance wise, wasn't sure about that.

10-24-01, 10:39 AM
Originally posted by TigerUpperCut
If you copy DIRECTLY from CD to CD it'll probably run into buffer underruns. Also depends on the speed of the burner, if itz like 2x or somethin it could work, but itz better to do an image of the CD on HD first, which is not hard

exactly, you need to have the CDrom drive and the burner on seperate IDE controllers for you to not experience buffer under runs.

10-24-01, 10:14 PM
Terrancelan, Is right the best way to use on cdrom to to burn a cd to a burner. Is to move your hard drive to a controller card. If the card has a bios, most do. Then go into bios and remove the hard drive complely from the computers Bios. Then use the primamary for the burner. Works much better . Plus sense I did this I have never wasted a cd. Also make sure you have at least 128mgs of memory for the best performance. Cd burner like to use a lot of mem. I would go with what he has posted. Will save money on cds in the long run. Good Luck!;)