View Full Version : Need help w/building PCs and sale online auctions

10-23-01, 09:18 AM
I am looking to make some extra money (just bought a house) and would greatly appreciate it if anyone would coach me on or share information with me on how to successfully sale custom/refurbished computer systems thru online auctions like ebay.

I have 10+ years of experience with computer software training/development and in exchange for assist with the selling of pc's I would be willing to share my knowledge with anyone that would like learn vb, vba, sql, access, etc.

Thanks in advance!


10-23-01, 07:32 PM
hmmm....couldnt tell ya man..i would just post on ebay a system for sale and as soon as someone bought it i would rush to the computer store and throw it 2gether..thats just me tho

10-23-01, 07:53 PM
I've done this a couple of times ... best way I've found is to shop around for a good barebones system (use pricewatch.com) un-built. Then you build it, take a pic (pics on eBay are critical for higher bids) and start your auction.
Also, I usually put in a hard drive and go ahead and load WINDOZE just to check everything out and make sure the drivers disk that comes with the 'puter works - most times, barebones systems come w/ everything "onboard" - so a good drivers disk is essential. just make sure you take your Hard Disk out, or if it comes with a disk - format it again when you're done.
Good Luck!
Email me if ya need any help!