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10-23-01, 12:06 AM
Since I switched from WIN98SE to WIN2000, the IDE LED is always on solidly, no flashing. I didn't make any hardware change or even move a cable inside the case. Anyone knows what happened?? By the way it was a fresh install.

The strange thing is: if the computer wakes up after a standby, the LED is working normally again. But I have to standby the computer again after a restart in order to make the LED wokring normally...

My hard drive is Quantum Fireball LM 30 gig DMA 66 on ASUS A7V IDE channel 1, not the ATA 100 channel.

Thanks in advance for any help.

10-23-01, 07:54 AM
"If you have one of the first revisions of this board then the IDE LED only functions for devices connected to the on board Promise ATA100 controller and not those on the standard VIA UDMA66 controller. I believe that this is corrected on later revisions."

Thor Walez
10-23-01, 09:46 AM
i solved the problem and flipped the plug oin my mobo ...

-Thor :rotfl: :rolleyes:

10-23-01, 01:14 PM
Flipping the plug doesn't help... It simply isn't on always, but it is off always...

But anyway thanks for you replies guys.

Thor Walez
10-23-01, 01:20 PM
try the "master/slave" thing @ different ide ports

e.g.: prim. Master/slave and sec. Master/slave

-thor :)