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Nitrogen Ace
10-22-01, 02:07 PM
I've never had an AMD processor before and all my O/C experience has been with my Intel P3 677Mhz chip which I only managed to get to 750Mhz (**** mobo) :(

Just a few Questions About the new Athlon XP 1600 that I need so I can plan how far I can O/C and what cooling I will require.

1.What Multiplyer does the Athlon XP 1600 have???

2.What is the Max FSB that I will be able to use???

3.What BIOS version and O/Cing support will the new Asus A7N266 nforce mobo have??????

4.Is this Fan suitable for high voltage overclocking???????

Coolermaster HCC001 Delta (7200rpm) Heat Sink & Fan upto 2.8GHz

This is the system I will be getting in a few weeks and hence all of the questions.

-AMD Athlon XP 1600 (1.40 GHz) Palomino Core

-Mobo undecided see other thread.

-256Mb PC2100 DDR Memory (Major Branded) x 2

-Elsa Geforce 2 Ultra 64mb DDR

-Juno P6 Full Tower+5 80mm fans(1x300W PSU)

-250W extra PSU

Thanks guys I have faith in you. :D